Check on your Car battery, before it’s too late!

The day your vehicle stops working is not the best time to look for another new amaron car battery. However, as indicated by our exploration, that is actually what the vast majority do.

You will presumably need to change the battery on more than one occasion during the life of your vehicle since it gets old or exhausted from constant exposure to overheating and continued charge ups. A dead battery can be a genuine problem, particularly on the off chance that you can’t discover your jumper links or need to hang tight for roadside help.

Thus you need to check up on your car’s battery time to time, and in case it fails, replace it with a new Amaron Car Battery. The Following are a few things to check, if your Battery is still working fine:

Slow engine cranking or sounds: When you try to kick start the car, the turning of the motor is drowsy and takes longer than typical to begin. You’d best depict it as the “rur” beginning clamor sound. It is advised to get it checked or replaced with a new amaron car battery

Check the light of the engine: The engine light some of the time shows up when your battery power is feeble.

Low battery electrolyte or fluid: Car batteries commonly have a piece of the packaging that is translucent so you can generally watch out for your battery’s liquid level and acidity.

Main concern: If the total level of fluid is beneath the lead plates inside, it’s enough reason to have the battery and charging framework tested or replaced with a New car Battery.

Check for a rotten smell: You may see an impactful, spolied egg odour (sulfur scent:) around the battery. The reason: Battery spills.

So now you know exactly when to go for the stores for a brand new battery!

Which is the Best Car Battery? Amaron Or Exide

Settling for the right car battery can be a tedious task. It perhaps is a bit difficult to differentiate between Amaron and Exide since their quality is quite impressive. The only visible difference when it comes between them is their warranty, after sale support, specifications etc. The Car Battery Price is fairly the same and is quite optimized for purchase. So, the pricing won’t be much of a deciding factor here.

Sleek, Productive & Durable!

Amaron batteries are coming with 18 months To 48 Months  of warranty which seems extensive enough for car owners. They are quite sleek when it comes to looks, and the warranty makes it convenient. They do pay their undivided attention when it comes to their batteries and casings. They are designed to provide ultimate durability and sustenance which can tolerate high heat. The Amaron car Battery is also color coated with weather resistant colors which extend its lifetime. The charging time is fairly faster which evidently increases the productivity of the battery. The technology that goes on behind their product possess high reserve capacity and offers resistance to vibration. The warranty also reflects upon the efficiency this company has to provide.

Let’s see what’s in store with Exide Batteries!

Exide has been a leading automotive battery franchise supplying to users all across this country. The warranty can differ depending on the battery you are buying but you can get a 72-month worth a warranty from them. That is fairly extensive and shows that the company is ready to provide support. The specifications do vary but they use special formulation for the battery plates for longevity and higher life expectancy. They have higher reliability in terms of service. They do put in a lot of effort and magnification when it comes to their cover designs and has spill-resistant properties. Aesthetically Exide Car batteries are providing their usual; rugged design with attractive cosmetics. Generally, the batteries have a longer wet shelf life which can go without recharges for up to six months from the day they were manufactured. All of their batteries are ready to use.

On Site Service

Only Amaron provides On site support, Exide does not provide on site support, Even Amron provides stand by byatter also, You Just need to call customer care number of amaron car battery.

If you have purchased Exide battery, You Have to visit near by Exide Service center Or you can visit the dealer also from where you have purchased Exide battery.

All of these above factors will definitely help you in consolidating a decision!

Amaron battery Price With Model Number And AH


AH -35AH   

Price – Rs.3775 ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)

Model – Amaron AAM GO-0BH38B20R

AH- 35AH    

Price -Rs.3302 ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)

Model -Amaron AAM-FR-0FR650RMF

Price -Rs. 4099 ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)

For More Amaron Battery Price

Exide Battery Price List with AH  and model number



Price -3900  ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)


AH- 65 AH

Price – 4780 ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)


AH- 35AH

Price -3484 ( Exchange Of Same AH Old Battery)

To know More Exide Car Battery Prices Click below link

Q.1 What is Amaron car battery  customer care number ?

Answer:- Amaron Provides 24 hours helpline, you can reach amaron customer care At 1800 4254848

Q.2 Does Amaron Provide On Site Warranty ?

Answer:- Yes Amaron provides Onsite warranty, You just need to dial Amaron customer care number in just couple of hours Amaron service team will be at your place.

Q.3  From Where I can Buy Amaron car Battery ?

Answer :- You can buy Amaron car battery from , we provide very fast serviceQ.4 Does Company Exchange Old Battery while selling

Answer :- Yes You can get cash amount against old battery .

Q.5 How much amount i can get against my old battery ?

Answer :- Old Battery value starts from Rs.600 to Rs.2000/- It vary as per battery AH.

Q.6 What is Exide Customer care Number ?

Answer:- Exide Car battery provide 24hrs help line, You can Reach Exide battery @ 1800 103 5454